Who We Are

North Metro Church is a place where you can be yourself. Our desire is that all of us will develop our relationship with God more intimately, no matter where we are with Him today. We believe God created each person in His image, sent Jesus to rescue us for a greater life, and we can discover and grow in our life in Christ together.

It’s really about becoming a follower of Jesus and then sharing His life with others. Jesus called it being and making disciples. There is simply nothing better!

We do this using a three-fold strategy: Connecting people to Christ and others; Equipping the church for life and ministry; Impacting our world with the good news of Jesus.


We want to get to know you, and you us. For real. What are you passionate about? What do you love to do? What makes you “tick”? What life struggles are you facing (we all have them)? Where are you at with God? We believe life is done best in community, so our desire is to help you build authentic relationships with others in Community Groups and on ministry teams.


We don’t have all the answers and don’t pretend to. However, we do believe the local church exists to equip people to serve Christ fully. As life is a journey, we want to make sure every person finds ways to support someone else, use what they are good at—even life experiences—to equip another. For us, equipping starts with God’s Word and prayer.


We believe God wants to use us to make a big impact on our culture and greater community. Church is way more than showing up on a Sunday; it’s more about how we live every day, being a positive influence on those around us. Some of the ways we impact our world is through global partnerships, supporting schools and medical clinics in East Africa. We impact locally by opening up the church during winter months to become a homeless shelter. We actively support local schools, community events, and local church start-ups.

Learn more on the rest of this website. But we’d really just love to meet you. Find and engage with us on social media, shoot us an email, or visit on a Sunday. There is no better life than knowing and living for Jesus, and there is a place for you at North Metro Church.