Pastor Transition


See the FAQ below. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.


Please direct any questions to the Elders at [email protected]

Pastor Transition FAQs

What is happening?

After more than 15 years, Pastor James has stepped down as Lead Pastor of North Metro Church. The Elders are working through a replacement plan.

Why did Pastor James resign?

Over the past few years, James had sensed a growing passion and desire to be involved in leadership coaching and development. Opportunities have arisen for James to teach, coach, and train leaders, and work with non-profit and mission groups to organize around healthy leadership principles. With the support of his family, this is a step of faith James believed he must take. He does not plan to seek a church pastoral ministry position. James will continue to follow the call of God on His life by loving and serving Christ first, his family second, and serving in wider ministry, business, and community endeavors in the future.

When is the transition taking place?

James concluded his service as Lead Pastor and Elder on September 19, 2021.

What’s next?

The Elders are in the process of praying and defining needs regarding the selection of a future pastor, and will regularly communicate updates throughout the Fall. Danny Bote has assumed the position as Acting Lead Pastor during this season.

Will this transition change the mission and vision of the church?

No. North Metro is committed to the Biblical mission to be and make disciples and continue the vision to reach the local and global community for Jesus by developing intentional relationships and continuing to be a “community hub”. Our leadership search will focus around building a team committed to the same mission and vision.

What can I do?

The church belongs to Jesus (Matthew 16:18, Colossians 1:17–18). He is in full control. Our role is to pray and seek His direction for North Metro. Stay plugged in and stay praying.

Who can I speak to about the transition?

Any Elder is available to meet and discuss questions you may have. In fact, we invite and prefer direct and open conversation. The Elders are Rico Figueroa, Paul Luna, Larry Van Vleet, Jeff McAlister, Dan Bechtold, Danny Bote, Kyle Norton, Kevin Miller, and Eric Farstad. You can reach the elders at [email protected].