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You can view, download and print the membership application form using the button below.

Download the membership application

NMC membership requires a completed request from each individual. There are undoubtedly some who, understandably, may believe they are members simply because  they have attended NMC for a long time. While everyone who attends NMC is part of our family, membership (and its privileges—for example the right to vote at our annual Vision Meeting) requires more than attendance alone.

The application process is fairly simple: download and fill out the membership application, then bring it to the church office. We take it from there. If we have questions, we will contact you.

Currently, there is no online method to apply for membership, other than to download the membership application from this page. Please read the application form carefully. If you then wish to become a member, print it, fill it out (please print legibly), sign it, and turn it in to the office during business hours (M-Th 9:00am to 4:00pm).

Please note that each family member who wishes to become an NMC member must fill out a separate application.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenni Gooch, Connections Minister, or call the office at 303-457-8560.