James Wagstaff

James Wagstaff

Lead Pastor

James and Cindy have been married for 20 years and have three children: Gabby, Joshua, and Maddie. They have been at North Metro since June 2006, live in the community, and love every minute! James grew up just outside London, England, while Cindy is originally from the Bay Area. They met in New York, lived in Houston, and moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1999. It is a long story…

Education and learning is an important part of his life. James has a BA in Media and Print Journalism from the University of Westminster (London), an MA in Leadership and Education from the University of Colorado, and is currently pursuing a D. Min from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. James has a passion for missions, leading numerous teams to Thailand, Africa, India and his home country of England over the past 12 years. James also serves on the Executive Board of the Colorado Baptist General Convention and the leadership team of New Hope Initiative.

When it comes to teaching, James loves to share God’s Word and apply its timeless truths to current culture and life. He touches different learning styles by infusing media, props, and object lessons in each message and when appropriate, infuses a little humor.

James has written and taught a New Testament survey and edited an Old Testament survey specifically for Indian pastors. However, James’ true love—behind God, Cindy, and the kids—is football (soccer), tennis, golf, and pretty much every sport imaginable as long as there is a competitive element involved. Cindy is an RN and works at a local hospital. They both love to read, watch movies, bike and hike whenever possible, and hang out with the kids.