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The worship team includes both the tech team and the band. Once you have filled out and sent the form, we will contact you and set up an informal interview and possible audition.

Band members are expected to already be proficient on their instrument(s) and/or vocals. Musicians and vocalists will be auditioned.

We do provide orientation and offer training for the various tech team functions, as there is little opportunity to obtain training outside of church. Tech team members will not be auditioned, as such, but there will be a period during which a determination will be made as to the applicant’s abilities.

There is a probationary period for all applicants to help determine how good the ‘fit’ – (chemistry) – is and while it’s a subjective perception, the worship minister’s decision is final.

We are excited you are interested in joining us in ministry – your answers to the following will help us know you a little and see what areas your interests/talents lie.

Thanks in advance for sharing with us.

— Jan

PS – if you would also like to apply for the Creative Arts Team, please go here.

Thanks again for sharing your info with us. Jan should receive your application soon and will contact you.

You can also email Jan or call her at 303-457-8560 (church office).