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The New Message Series, with NMC’s Outreach Minister, Michael Fen – Vertical: The How and Why of Prayer – began on June 19th, 2013

| Are you satisfied with your prayer life? If not, join the crowd. Most followers of Jesus want to have a consistent and deep life of prayer, but few do. Why is prayer such a hard thing for most of us? How can we make prayer, not just a duty, but a delight?

Do you ever wonder how God’s call to prayer fits with the fact that He is sovereign and in charge of the world and its workings? If God is really in control, why pray?

Join us for a three-week series starting this week (6/16/13) titled Vertical: the Why and How of Prayer.

Got questions or stories about Prayer? In conjunction with current message series,Vertical: the Why and How of Prayer, you are encouraged to submit your questions about prayer and/or stories about your experiences with prayer via the North Metro Church page on Facebook, or go to


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