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We appreciate knowing a little more about you, thank you for being willing to share your information with us.

We maintain a database of our members and attendees so that we can better serve those who attend NMC, based on what is shared. For example, folks with small children may want to know more about our children’s ministry. We keep your information confidential and do not pester you with constant communications. You can sign up to receive emails or texts regarding various ministry happenings, but only by your choice.

Please note that this form is not an application for membership. Becoming a member is a different process. If you are interested in becoming a member, please follow this link, which will open the membership page (in a new tab or window) and allow you to download an application. Membership Page…

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Provide Information

  • If you are relatively new to NMC (or have never filled out one of those cards “in the seat-back in front of you”) and would like to have your information on file with NMC, please fill out your info below.
    Be assured that we do not share, or sell, personal information with anyone outside of North Metro Church.

Update Information

  • If your personal information is different from that which you believe we have on file, please make the changes below.
    To update our records, we need to find your current record using the information we have on file.
    Therefore, we request that you fill out this section with information you believe most likely to be in our database, and also the updated information.
    Please use the check list below to mark each item of information that has changed. Doing so reveals the fields you will need to complete. Thank you!
    Note: all fields marked with an asterisk (*), are required.

Send Your Information to NMC's Membership Administrator