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Tony V Interview

Many enjoyed and were touched by the interview Pastor James conducted with Tony V.  and so we decided to post it here…

My Story by Edward Mills

My Story
Edward Mills

Ed shared this poem/rap as part of the morning gathering where the subject of the message was Family Matters – Building a Legacy

You see His scars
Mark His glory

You see my scars
Tell a story

You see today I want to tell you a story
About a man who was changed by His glory

Nobody taught me to be a man
Nobody helped me to take a stand
I would change who I was to appease the crowd
I would shod a mask to stand tall and proud

When times got tough I would run
Run after fun
Fun that would numb
The pain

Of being left alone
By those who where to guide me until I was grown
But they left me out in the rain
Oh the pain

Of being abandoned by those I held dear
Hurt form the ones who were suppose to wipe my tears
they weren’t suppose to make me cry
with screams and fears, tears would roll down my eyes
oh why God, why
the hurt’s so deep I wish I could die

so I run
doing what I was taught to do
when times got tough you don’t see it through
you run
but the pain is still there
too much to bear, does anybody care
about the wounds that are there?

so you seek
trying not to be weak
those things that make you feel strong
yet knowing all along
that they were wrong

one leads to another
as if they were brothers

first drinking and when the drunkenness no longer numbs the pain
I’d call on his brother to do the same

drugs, I’d get high to run from reality
that if there is no one here to help who is going to save me
but when the high wears off and your still left with you
then how do you numb the pain, what do you do?

You run to another arms
Hoping their embrace would quiet the alarms
The ones ringing in your head
That living this life will eventually leave you dead

At least dead inside
No longer able to feel anything but pride
So you run and hide

Never being fulfilled
Oh if I pop one more pill
Oh if I can just seek one more thrill
Oh but happiness is just over one more hill
These are the lies that kill

Chasing after lies left death in my heart
What do you expect when I was taught to run from the start

Being dead inside I cared for no one but me
After all who had my back, who would help me be free?

From the lies
From the cries
From the addictions and the chains
All the baggage I carried all the filth that remained

Silently screaming wanting freedom.

But you see I didn’t know who I was
So how could I really love?
I fell in and out of lust so many times
Confused it with love and believing in my mind

That she would make me happy
She would make me whole
But she didn’t know who I was
The truth would not be told

I knew,
If she knew
The things I knew
Then eventually she would leave me too

Knowing it was only a matter of time till she left
I gave her a reason to leave, I gave her an out instead

Knowing eventually she would run

I decided to run first
So I gave into my flesh
I quenched my thirst

To another woman’s arms I ran
I could not stand
Who I was, who I was becoming
Always constantly running

And now I had betrayed my wife
a wound so deep, a scar for life

but the pleasure in the moment washed away any logical thinking
oh how good it felt to be accepted, admired and drinking
to forget about reality, responsibility and the words of my mother
Eddie, you are just like your father

So I buried my betrayal, told myself I would never tell

A deceit I would take with me straight to hell
I was already there in so many ways
The price I paid to let sin have its way
Only living for myself and today

I was so empty inside
I had no tears left to cry
All of my love had died

My heart was so cold, so fridid and calloused
I didn’t care who I hurt, I had built a glass palace

Then I had to ask, why am I here?
What do I fear?
Not being loved, being left alone, then having to deal with me
What if I don’t like what I see?
What if the true me was ugly?
Then who would love me?

There’s only One, my true love
Sent from above
To unconditionally love me
Not full of jealousy
A love who didn’t brag and wasn’t an angry tyrant
A lover who didn’t hold my past against me or condem me
A friend who always protected me and trusted me
A lover who has so much hope for me and knew who I could be
A savior who set me free

From my sins. my pride, my addictions, and my lusts
From my past, my hurts, my wounds, and my cuts

Is that possible, is there a love like that out there?
A person that no matter what I did still cares?

Yes, and I’d found true love who would heal my heart and never break it
Jesus Christ gives me grace freely, and today I’ll continue to take it…


© Edward Mills 2012


The Gray Door

by Guyneth Loring Philby

I have heard it said that prayer is like a gray door. Going in a person might think that there is no reason to expect anything but quietness and contemplation. There are no neon lights proclaiming a good time. There are no brightly colored posters to entice a person inside. However, once a person goes through that door and gets into a connecting conversation with The Creator of the Universe it can lead to some exciting times. This has been my experience.

One Sunday morning after Senior Class, which starts at 8:00am, I looked for a class or an activity that began at 9:00am, so I could go to the late service with my family. There was nothing to attend at that time except the prayer group. I went in to join in prayer. My thought was that it is always good to pray and I wanted to be closer to God. I have been attending the group when possible ever since. The idea is to pray for the staff, the congregation, ministries that are part of North Metro Church and those which branch out from NMC.

Many good experiences have come to me since joining the prayer group. It is a joy to join others in prayer. We pray from a list but are not limited to that list. We pray as God lays needs on our hearts. The group is small but very exciting for me. It has made me more sensitive to the needs of North Metro Church. I also am very blessed with the fellowship in the group. The hearts of the members of the group are beautifully turned toward God. We share struggles and challenges as well as victories and praises. We share the wonderful presence of God. I thank God for allowing me to be included in this group.

We pray at 9:00am every Sunday morning. We are looking forward to the time when there will be members added though the space is small at this time. We look forward to having a prayer group that will meet during the 10:45am service. This is an important ministry of North Metro Church. Hopefully new members of the group will be blessed and ministered to by joining. We welcome those who are interested in entering the gray door of prayer.

Good News Club – Article

Good News Club – Federal Heights Elementary School

Good News Club is part of NMC’s Federal Heights outreach.
Last year The Good News Club met at the Federal Heights Elementary School weekly on Thursday afternoons 2:30 – 4:00 pm – kindergarten through fifth grade from the first week in October until the end of April.
At the meetings the kids learn and sing Good News Club songs, enjoy snacks and fellowship, learn a Bible verse weekly; are taught a lesson from the Word of God; join in games and “have fun”. The Gospel message is portrayed through thelesson and Bible memorization and an invitation is given the children to give their hearts to the Lord after each lesson.

Volunteers from North Metro Church, New Life Church, Crossroads, and First Southern Church have joined together with the CEF of Greater Denver over the past three years to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children by leading songs, teaching lessons, teaching the word, being grade shepherds, providing snacks , praying and just plain loving on them. Many of these little precious little kids have huge burdens and their prayer requests are heartbreaking – including family members that are away, sickness, and strife in their families.

Last year the Club had 70 children attend throughout the year, 20 of them making a profession of faith. Our Kindergarten and First Grade Classes averaged over 15 children each week and many of them had perfect attendance. We pray that the Club will continue next year and that these children will return and grow in grace.

Africa Mission Trip – 2012

by Jenni Gooch

Earlier this year a group of students went to Africa on a missions trip. Here is one young person’s story…

It is undeniable that the Africa mission trip 2012 was a life changing experience for all of us. God had a greater plan for our team than we could have ever imagined.

Before our travels we spent time planning and trying to prepare as a group for what we were about to experience. As we did so all of us had different fears as we got closer to leaving. However, God was calling us to give up control and trust in him completely.Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Our complete reliance on God started from the very beginning of our trip. Throughout our travels including 5 different airports, flight delays, aircraft difficulty, as well as a 14 hour layover in Mombasa, God was teaching us to rely on him to provide for us. He was calling us to trust in his faithfulness as well as his protection and guidance. Even as tired and overwhelming as our travels were on the way there, he continued to provide and was there surrounding us the whole time. Now looking back we can all see God’s handiwork through every step of our trip. Things never went according to our plans but every flaw in ours led to a greater outcome for his.

After our travels he gave us the energy to continue doing what he was calling us to do. A verse that defined our trip was Romans 12:4-5, “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so on Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Our team crossed the ocean as many different parts of a plan but by the end of the trip we were one team serving not our own plans but God’s. God had united us through our individual and unique talents so that we could contribute to each other and connect to those around us as we were worked together to share the love of God.

The most amazing part of this trip was to experience the joy of the people we met. The people had a true and deep joy, rooted in the Lord. Their happiness was not defined by circumstances or earthly treasures. They had a smile on their face through everything and took joy in the community around them.

While we were in Nairobi we had the privilege to meet and play with the children of the NHI school and to meet many of the people who lived in the Kibera slum. Meeting these people you would never know where they came from. You would never know that they lived in awful conditions or that they were starving. Never once did we hear someone complain. Instead they shared their joy and their love. They shared with us their faithfulness in the Lord and how he has truly transformed their lives. There was never a moment when we did not feel completely loved or welcome. The same was true in Arusha.

In Arusha we had the privilege of being able to do community outreach through a soccer tournament, where two of our team members actually got to play and minister to those around them by sharing their passion. We went as a team to one of the public schools and were able to share the Lord through activities and lessons we had prepared. However, one of the greatest experiences was connecting with the people of the church and coming together to share in the love that God has given. Many nights the members of the church invited us to their homes and shared their meals with us. We were told that just the soda alone was a week’s wages. These people in our eyes had nothing but they were willing to share all that they have. They had complete trust in God’s faithfulness and trusted that through everything he would provide.

The people we met in Africa were an example of what it truly means to depend on the Lord. They may not have had material wealth but they had everything through Christ.

All of us came back with a different outlook on life as well as the world around us, and many of us left a piece of our hearts there with the people we met and grew to love. I know that many of us struggled coming home and all of us  would travel back in a heartbeat.

However, the most powerful experience I have seen is how the team is applying what we have learned to the community around us. Danny shared a verse while we were over there that has deeply touched all of our hearts. Deuteronomy 4:9. “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

We have not forgotten. This trip was life changing and humbling to our entire team.

Peak Kids Camp 2012

Peak Kids Camp 2012

By Rand Clark

What do four days of fun, excitement, 297 kids, worship and Bible teaching equal?

Peak Kids Camp 2012!!

From times of inspired worship, led By Ryan Durfee (The Bridge Church) to challenging messages from Scripture from Camp Pastor James Wagstaff (North Metro Church) children from 15 churches across Colorado gathered at the Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center.

Go to the Saturate Colorado site to read the full story. Read more…