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Join us for an unforgettable journey through the New Testament!

February 8 through April 10

Here’s a revolutionary idea: let’s actually read the Bible. Whole books. In community. It’s more doable than you think.

For eight weeks, North Metro Church will explore the New Testament together. We’ll read five days a week and share the journey in weekly small group gatherings. We’ll immerse ourselves in every word of the New Testament—understanding it in context, experiencing it in community.

Participant resources

Everyone should download a Reader’s Guide (pdf) to use with Biblica’s The Books of the Bible version. A Reading Plan (pdf) is also available if you want to use your own Bible. If you prefer to read or listen on your tablet or mobile device, we offer eBook and audio versions of The Books of the Bible, along with an audio version for kids. You can also sign up for daily emails, with links to read and listen to each day’s text online.

Please note: the eBook is compatible with most e-reader and mobile devices (e.g., iPhone and iPad). Kindle and Nook editions may be purchased separately from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Small group leader resources

Everyone leading a small group should download a Small Group Leader’s Guide, which includes tips and talking points for each week’s discussion.

If you have trouble accessing your resources, email Biblica at Be sure to include the name of your church or group when you do so.


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Our church is always looking for ways to serve you as you live out your faith throughout the week. We are inviting you to have a free account to an exciting new video library called RightNow Media. It’s essentially the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” because you will have instant access to thousands of great videos for kids, youth, parents, married couples, and more. You can view these videos from your phone, tablet, or computer. And you can also view them in a group setting through a TV or projector.

There are more than 2,000 videos from some great teachers. You should have already  received an official invitation email to give you FREE access to this library. If you haven’t received it, check your spam filter and accept the invite today. Since it was coming from RightNow’s system, it may have gotten filtered.

Simply find the email, click on the link, put in your name and a password and you’re all set. All of the videos are FREE for everyone to use.  If you have not shared your email address with us, use this form to update us!