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At our December 2014 annual vision meeting, the church approved a budget of $1,175,712.95.

Our weekly income/offering needs to meet this budget is $22,609.86.

Our YTD (first quarter) income/offerings received averaged $17,683.31.

The average weekly shortfall YTD is $4,972.55 or a total of $64,045.15.

On Sunday 4/13 the church was updated on the first quarter progress and the congregation was asked to pray about what God would reveal to each member/attender as to what their part in giving to the general budget would be in the coming weeks. It was noted that a wonderful Easter offering of more than $25,000 was received—and we praise the Lord for that! That offering on April 6 was a good start to having a wonderful second quarter of giving. It was also noted that NMC is debt free, we pay all our bills on time, and we do not spend what we do not have.

The shortfall has not overly constrained meeting weekly fixed expenses and/or ministry spending plans at this point. That is due to some flexibility we have in discretionary spending. A significant component of our 2015 budget is our Capital Expenses line item that totals $201,000 of the $1,175,713 budget. If capital expenses are not factored into our weekly budget needs, the weekly need would be $18,744.48 vs. $22,609.86, and we averaged $17,683.31 in the first quarter. The total shortfall for first quarter without factoring in capital expenses is $13,795.21.

While capital expense are not fixed expenses, delays in receiving and using those funds for planned purchases can have a negative impact on ministry initiatives, technology purchases, and the necessary maintenance and upgrades of the grounds/facilities of NMC.

The 4/13 Sunday update to the congregation concluded by letting the church know the elders are not anxious, but are responsible for communicating with the church, on a routine basis, our financial picture. The NMC budget is the Lord’s, and we trust Him to provide our needs in His timing and in His way.

Please join the Elders in praising the Lord for His faithfulness and the faithfulness of those who contribute cheerfully to the vision of NMC. We are a Great Commandment, Great Commission church. Our budget is driven by vision, and our vision is to reach the lost, share the Gospel, and see transformed lives.

With Summer approaching, and the related missions and outreach plans, we are excited to see how God is going to work in and through His people to provide the necessary finances.

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NMCers periodically gather to worship God and pray together for NMC missionaries, outreach ministries, and each other as we seek to share Christ in our everyday lives. For more info, contact Outreach Minister Michael Fen.

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