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Final Summary, January 2015


“Legacy of Faith” (LOF) is the terminology used to describe the vision, history, purpose and progress of a Spirit led initiative to remodel existing and construct new facilities at North Metro Church.

The goal of this very brief summary is to communicate the completion of LOF as of December 28th, 2014 and to serve as an information resource going in to 2015.

In the coming weeks a more comprehensive historical and detailed description of what God had done in and through this initiative will be provided. We give all the glory to God and commend all of those who participated, were so faithful in prayer and gave so sacrificially of their time, talents and treasure.


After much time, prayer and analysis of the growing needs of NMC and the various options to address those needs, a $1.5M remodeling and building project was presented by the NMC Lead Team (Elders, Deacons, Staff) to the church and approved in the December 2012 annual meeting.

The project included but was not limited to remodeling of existing facilities to provide for a Student Center, additional adult classroom space, and a new shower and changing room to accommodate the needs of our Cold Weather Care guests (a ministry to the homeless). The remodeling also included a significant increase in toilets and bathroom space, and a major expansion of fire detection and suppression equipment. The majority of new construction was the building of a two story Children’s wing attached to the existing facility. The need to provide adequate and safe space and an environment where our birth through 5th grade children, could discover and grow in Christ Jesus, was a critical aspect of God’s revelation to begin LOF. The project also included engineering work to improve the grade and water run off as well as landscaping, and a new children’s, fenced playground.

The Lead Team believed God wanted LOF to be completed debt free. To this end the project was phased and the financial resources were on hand prior to beginning each new phase. During the summer of 2014 the church was confronted with incurring significant additional costs for city permits if the project could not be completed by year-end. The prospect of the new building sitting vacant during the winter months and escalating cost to rent children’s space at Stellar Elementary school, led to a prayerful decision, by faith, to start the final phase without all the necessary financial resources on hand and to plan for a September 2014 start date.

Our needs and goals were shared, appeals were made and the congregation responded. By the end of December 2014, the resources necessary to pay all invoices, in full, on time, were provided.

As we enter 2015 there are still some furnishings needed that will enhance the discipleship and ministry that will take place in the new children’s building (e.g. operable walls, chair lift, sound system, etc.). The cost for these items has been incorporated in to the misc. capital expenditures portion of the 2015 budget.

Again, by faith, we believe God will provide the financial resources to purchase these items, through His people, in His timing, and in His way.

Going Forward

If you committed to a three-year gift and part of that commitment extends in to 2015, we encourage you to follow through. If you give by check, just note “LOF/Building Fund” in the memo section. If you give through on-line giving, you can check the block that says “building fund”.

If you did not have an opportunity to give during the LOF initiative and God has burdened your heart to participate now, just give above and beyond your regular tithe (the general budget) as the Lord directs.

Thank you for bathing LOF in prayer from start to finish. Soli Deo Gloria!!!

If you have any questions about finances, gifts or any other aspect of the Legacy of Faith Initiative please contact our Associate Pastor, Silas Wood, [email protected].


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