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Welcome to North Metro’s Legacy of Faith Page

Here you will find news about the new addition and renovation plan as well as FAQs gathered from our information meetings.

July 2014 Updates

Listen to the update provided by Larry Van Vleet and John Davis on 7/27/14.

Listen to the update provided by Jeff Peterson and Jeff McAlister on 7/13/14.

On Sunday 6/29/14, plans for celebrating our 60th anniversary on 8/17/14 as a church family were shared at both gatherings. As part of that upcoming day of celebration, our leadership announced a Legacy of Faith “special gift” and stewardship opportunity. If the funds required can be raised by September to get the new children’s building and grounds to a place where the city will approve a certificate of occupancy (C.O.), we can avoid $15,000 in additional permit extension and renewal fees. We estimate $220K will need to be raised above what has already been committed. We know this is a significant challenge and will require much prayer and sacrificial giving. We are so thankful for how God has worked in and through His people to this point. PTL over $1M set aside and given to date, and this is in addition to giving to the general budget that is so necessary for missions and ministry to continue in His name. Soli Deo Gloria! On Sunday 7/13, special LOF anniversary gift envelopes will be available and additional details will be provided.

Listen to the update provided by David Springer and Jim Copeland on 6/29.

General Information

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Legacy of Faith Info

Financial Updates

Total cost of Project is approximately $1.5m
Funds set aside and received as of 5/31/2014: $1,072,449
Expenses paid through 5/31/2014: $946,121

How can you participate?

  • Pray — About increasing your current giving and/or how God would have you participate for the first time
  • Keep — If you have committed to LOF, then please keep your commitment
  • Consider — A one time gift to our special 60th anniversary offering

Now to Him Who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generation, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:20–21

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Vision Night

Vision Night was held on Sunday, Dec 9th, 2012 – both proposals (the new building project and the 2013 budget) passed unanimously – praise God!

Vision Night began with prayer and ended with worship. A Q&A session started things out at 6pm, followed by the main meeting where the 2013 budget and the new build/renovation proposal were both passed unanimously.  We are all grateful to God for His blessings and guidance, provision and wisdom in our leadership team and our membership.

You can hear a recording of much of the evening…

Vision Night – Q& A Section
Vision Night – Business Meeting Section

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Evening of Worship and Prayer

We enjoyed an evening of worship and prayer on Sunday evening, Feb 17th – if you were unable to attend in person, you can listen to much of that gathering here…

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Legacy of Faith Commitment Cards

Following NMC’s policy of preferably not going into debt, it was decided at the Vision Meeting that a lead time would be given prior to the project’s start, where folks could make prayerful estimated monetary commitments to the building fund. We have entered that time and you will find commitment cards available in bulletins, upon request or here online.

The project cost will be around $1.5 million. Should there not be enough to get going (approximately $1,000,000) then leadership would bring the situation back to the congregation as to what the next step should be.

You may also now give to the building fund online by following this link. Please read our privacy statement, if you are not familiar with it.

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Construction Time Estimate

The project, which is estimated to take about 5 months, is slated to begin at the end of May 2013.

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Floor Plans

Click on this link for a look at the Children’s Wing addition and the Adult/Student wing renovation, floor plans.


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Legacy of Faith FAQs

What were the factors that led up to the proposed plans?

Vision, growth and needs. Our vision is to disciple people of all ages and we currently do not have space on campus to do this effectively. Current trends both in adult worship and student/children’s ministries show that NMC needs to prepare for 1400 on campus Sunday mornings by 2015. The building needs upgrading specifically in fire and sprinkler systems.  By renovating the current children’s wing and building a new children’s wing we can meet the needs of this growing church family.

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What are the features of the new addition (Children’s Wing)?

The new addition will be a two-story building, locating the early childhood ministry (Birth – K) on the first floor and grade school ministry (1st – 5th) on the second floor. The occupancy rating on the new addition is 1009 people and is ADA compliant. There will not be an elevator in the new addition but options for handicapped access to the second floor are being explored.  We currently have no fire sprinkling system, so this project will provide that feature to increase not only safety but also utilization. The City of Northglenn donated a commercial playground, which will be situated behind the current building and a new playground for smaller children will sit next to the new addition along with a landscaped sitting area.

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How many children’s classrooms and bathrooms will be in the new addition and how does this compare with today?

The new addition will have 11 classrooms, 6 on the lower level and 5 on the upper level.  The classrooms on the upper level will be built with moveable walls so the 5 classrooms can open into larger spaces or be used as 5 individual classrooms.  Today, there are 6 classrooms for nursery-Kindergarten and the elementary children (1st-5th grades) make use of Stellar Elementary next door for classroom space.  The new addition will allow all children nursery-5th grade to be housed in the same building. It will have bathrooms on both levels and a shared bathroom between the 2 year old and 3 year old rooms on the first floor. Today the children have one bathroom in a classroom and share bathrooms with the adults.  The new addition will have a total of 8 toilets, 4 urinals, 10 sinks, 3 hand sinks, double drinking fountain and a stacked washer/dryer.  All will be ADA compliant.

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What will be involved in the renovation and who will use it?

The renovation will provide for a student center, additional adult classrooms, office and conference room space, increased adult bathroom fixtures, shower facilities, utility and storage space and modest upgrades to the kitchen. The cafe and kitchen will have a sprinkler system added. The Cafe area and room 110 will remain as is but the auditorium will have some work related to water/sewer lines.

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How many classrooms and bathroom improvements will be in the renovation and how does this compare with today?

Today we have one adult specific classroom for Sunday mornings.  4 additional classrooms will be added.  There will still be one male and female bathroom for adults, but the plumbing fixtures will increase to 9 toilets in the women’s room and 3 toilets/4 urinals in the men’s room.  There are also men’s and women’s bathroom in the upstairs in the new children’s addition. ADA requirements will be met.

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What is the square footage involved for the renovation and new addition?

The renovation is 9,415 sq. ft. for the existing office, bathrooms, corridors, classrooms and cafe area. The infill area is 824 sq. ft. of new space for shower, storage and new corridor into the space at the north side of the auditorium.  The new 2-story addition will be 7,288 sq. ft.; a total of  17527 sq.ft. to be renovated or constructed.

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Will the new addition and renovation be accomplished in phases?

This was considered but cost and efficiencies indicated a concurrent approach is best.

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When will the project get underway and what is the estimated completion date?

We are prayerful that we can begin in April 2013 after Easter and have all construction completed by November 2013. Funds availability will determine the completion date.

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Why was it necessary to use plans previously developed in years past for the new addition?

The decision allowed NMC to bypass a very lengthy permitting and approval process with the City of Thornton as these were already completed when the plans we are using were originally submitted.  Exterior requirements have also changed since the plans were submitted.  If we were subject to these newer exterior requirements, the cost of construction would increase substantially. Those plans with some interior changes, fits the overall needs for the future.

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What is the total cost of the project? Do we already have some funds set aside and what is the net amount that will have to be raised?

Bids are being reviewed but we estimate the total cost at approximately $1.5 million.  We estimate approximately $1.1 million will need to be raised.

Of the $1.5 million, the new wing addition will cost approx. $900,000 and the renovation approx. $400,000. The remaining balance includes costs for the water tap, landscaping and administrative expenses.

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Were furnishings, landscaping, playground equipment and parking lot repairs figured in to the total cost of the plans?

To some extent, yes.  We anticipate we will be able to use some of our newer furnishings in the new addition, we hope to provide most of the labor for landscaping from volunteer help, and we will partner with Stellar Elementary School for parking lot improvements sometime in 2014.  We have built in to the cost forecast some contingency dollars for items we may have missed or underestimated.

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Was the cost of the water tap figured in to the total cost of the plans?

No.  To keep costs down we did not want the contractor involved in that process.

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Was there a bid process for the general contractor and who will that be?

Yes. There is a bid process and at the time of first printing, we are reviewing bids from three General Contractors and will update documents once a General has been chosen.

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Was volunteer help considered as a way to reduce the cost of the plans?

With the exception of landscaping, the type of construction being used does not allow for volunteer labor.

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Are we considering financing the project?

North Metro Church prefers not to borrow money. The leaders at North Metro Church have written a position statement on debt as follows:

While we can’t absolutely say God’s provision will never be in the form of a loan, we believe by faith that He will work through His people to underwrite any future building plans (or any other large scale financial endeavor) debt free.   “But who am I and who are my people that we should be able to offer as generously as this? …now with joy I have seen Your people, who are present here, make their offerings willingly to You.” (I Chronicles 29:14, 17)

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When can we start giving and will there be a place on the offering envelopes and in the online giving section of our web site to designate dollar amount to the building fund?

We need to wait for the vote on 12/9 to start “designating” contributions.  If you write one check, just note in the memo section how much of the total you want to go to the general budget and how much to the building fund.

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What will the fund raising initiative look like and will we use consultants? Will this be shared with the congregation, and how will the results be tracked and reported?

We do not plan to use consultants but we will continue to have meetings and prayer times specifically for the building plans. We will also make sure we communicate through our media outlets, website, bulletin and during Sunday Gatherings. Our desire is to over communicate plans so the church is informed.

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What will be the time frame to start and end the fund raising?

We plan to start fundraising after the December 9th Vision and Budget meeting and voting process. We will begin a preaching series on “Legacy” on January 13th, 2013 and will be encouraging everyone to seek the Lord on giving from then on. The end depends on how well we are doing. We anticipate the capital campaign will continue through the building process.  You can give as long as you like.  We will be building up to seven months after we start and will need funding to complete the project. We understand that many families and individuals will give over a longer period of time and we want to be sensitive to this.

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Is there a recommended amount for each person or family to give?

Scripture talks about tithes and offerings. An offering is over and above the tithe and giving to the building would be considered an offering. Giving is between a person and God so we encourage individuals and families to pray about what each should give. Biblical principles on giving include giving cheerfully; knowing that we are stewards and not owners and believing one cannot out give God. We must also remember the widow’s mite… she gave all she could and that was pleasing in God’s sight.

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Will we still be able to use Stellar Elementary for additional space in the future?

Yes for a fee.  We have first right of refusal on Stellar Elementary use.  Once we decline to use the space and allow others to use it, we would lose this first right of refusal. We are budgeting $10,000 for Stellar use in 2013 and this amount would be seriously reduced with the new addition and renovation.

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If we were not to build an addition or renovate would we still need to invest in major repairs or up-grades to the current facilities?

Yes. The building is getting older and will need repairs and upgrades. In order to house Cold Weather Care guests, care for our children, provide discipleship space and additional bathrooms,  we would need to make some major changes.

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Was a relocation option considered?

Yes. In fact the Elders and Deacons stopped moving ahead with building plans in Spring 2012 to specifically pray as to whether building or moving was the right option right now. We sensed that God wanted us to stay in the north Thornton area. The longer-term vision for NMC based upon what God wants for us is to ultimately church plant and be a sending church. The decision to stay will allow for this campus to meet the needs for growth, discipleship, local missions and children.

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What is the vision or plans when we reach capacity after the new addition and renovation and when do we estimate we will be at capacity?

The vision and plans for North Metro has always and continues to be around Christ life transformation and missions. We desire to be a “sending” church. The current building proposal will better enable us to minister to the local community and the growing NMC family and to make sure our current building is equitable in addressing worship gatherings, discipleship and ministry needs. Our long-term desire is to church plant in some way, shape or form. Therefore the building will equip us to minister to a church family of approximately 1200- 1400 adults and 400 children in two Sunday morning gatherings. After this, we would as a church consider all options including sending a group to church plant, looking at other space for a second campus, adding a third gathering etc.

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Will the new addition and renovation costs vote be separate from the 2013 Budget Vote and will there be time to ask questions about the building plans at the Budget Vote meeting on 12/9?

Yes. There will be separate votes on the building plans and the proposed 2013 Budget.  Q&A time will be limited at the meeting on the 9th. In addition to this FAQs sheet, our Elders & Deacons will be available for Q&A between gatherings and after the second gathering, on December 2nd and 9th.  The purpose of the meetings, FAQ’s, and communication now is to provide plenty of opportunity before the vision and budget meeting to have all concerns and questions addressed.

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2013 Budget FAQs

Click here to view the 2013 budget

LoF Budget FAQs

1. Is the personnel budget high compared to overall budget?

The average for personnel budget in churches across America is between 50-60% of total church budget – but location, size, denomination etc, affect this number.

Due to growing ministries, we have added staff to meet the discipleship and growing needs of the church. The best-case scenario is one full time ministerial staff member to every 80-90 people. North Metro has an equivalent of 7.5 full-time ministry staff members for approximately 750 people so we would be considered in range.

North Metro deacons have consistently and continually helped staff families by offering health insurance, continuing education and a technology budget as many staff now office out of the home due to offices becoming classrooms at NMC.

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2. What is the difference between fixed strategic and variable missions?

NMC strategic missions include ongoing partnerships around the Great Commission and Acts 1:8. Our desire is to stay away from “shotgun” missions – trying to hit many areas of the world but impact few – and instead go to areas that God calls us to and be involved in long term relationships.

Our strategic missions include SBC partnerships such as IMB (International Mission Board), NAMB (North American Mission Board), the Rocky Mountain Campus of Golden Gate Seminary and Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center in Larkspur, CO.

North Metro supports a medical clinic in Arusha, Tanzania, an orphanage in India through NHI (New Hope Initiative) as well as Kevin and Lindsey Potter, missionaries working out of LA with OASIS USA.

Cold Weather Care is considered a local missions strategic partner. With the CWC program dependent on COFU (Community of Faith United) hiring a program director, NMC has taken some steps to help COFU offset some of the salary in 2013.

The leadership team along with the mission team and direction of the church set strategic partnerships as God leads.
The variable missions budget is under the oversight of the NMC mission team and they support numerous missions as well as support NMC long and short-term missionaries.

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3. What is long-term training in the mission budget?

North Metro desires that every person who comes and connects go on mission whether locally or internationally.

We are determined to help people called to go on mission trips through prayer, planning, training and financial support. Long-term training will not only provide finances for people called to missions through NMC but also potential scholarships for students who attend seminary or Bible college for undergraduate studies.

Larry Kelley, an elder, oversees this area of missions along with the Outreach minister and elders.

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4. Under kitchen and janitorial, what are the school janitorial fees?

Currently NMC has the first right of refusal for the use of Stellar Elementary School based upon an agreement when Adams 12 bought the property adjacent to NMC from the church. Due to school restrictions we are not allowed to use classrooms but have numerous other spaces at or convenience including the teacher lounge, gym, and lunchroom.

NMC can use the school at discounted rates but must pay for electricity, heating/air conditioning and custodial fees. Due to increased numbers in children’s ministry in 2012, NMC now uses Stellar at both the 9:00am and 10:45am gathering times hence the price increase.

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5. How are ministry budgets determined?

Prayer and vision rather than raw numbers primarily determines all budgets.

The budget process begins in July as elders, deacons and staff pray through what they believe God is calling them to for the following year. These needs are then accounted and budgeted.

Through a process of meetings and evaluations, ministry budgets are then submitted to the Lead and Associate Pastor for review before the Deacons review and plug in to the overall budget. Our goal is to honor the needs of each ministry.

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6. What is the overall weekly need of NMC for 2013?

The 2013 weekly need is approximately $17,400, an increase from $15,800 in 2012.

2012 average weekly receipts are currently $17,150 so the 2013 budget is similar to 2012 receipts.

NMC wants to be sensitive to a potential building project as well as trust the Lord for His provision.

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7. Are tithes and offerings the only source of income to cover the planned expenditures in the budget?

No.  In addition to tithes and offerings, the church receives fees for various events and/or materials (e.g. camps, retreats, curriculum, childcare) to off set the related costs.

We also receive designated financial gifts for scholarships for camps and retreats and to help those going on mission trips.

All of this “other” income is considered when calculating the net dollars that will be in the budget.

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8. Does the budget provide for audit fees for an independent financial audit?

Audits are done periodically.  In June of 2012 we were audited by Capin & Crouse, a leading national accounting and advisory firm primarily serving the Christian and not-for-profit community.

In view of their affirmation of the integrity of our financial reports we will not do another audit in 2013 but will schedule one for a future date.

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