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Young Adults Ministry

This Ministry has two distinct focuses:

  • Young Adults
  • Young Marrieds

What exactly is a Young Married couple?

We consider young couples to be 35 and under… however we really leave the “young” part up to you… it’s based on your own personal comfort level. We have couples on all ends of the spectrum from newlyweds to couples married many years and couples with children to no children any time soon. We offer Sunday morning classes throughout the year as well as many events such as Date Nights, Rockies games, and Zoo trips.

What exactly is a Young Adult?

We consider college/early career to be singles in their mid 20’s and under who have graduated high school and are either in college or have started their careers. We have a Bible Study every Thursday night at 7:00pm and also have many serving opportunities and people currently serving in different ministries in the church.

Danny Bote
Associate Pastor, Discipleship and Life Groups

Contact Information

Email Danny, or call 303-457-8560, ext 304