Sunday Morning Classes

Children’s Ministry

Clipping-In @ Climbing Higher

First-time guests:

When you enter the building, please check-in your children at the children’s welcome counter where you will be immediately greeted by a Climbing Higher Ministry Partner. They will assist you in checking-in your child and guiding you to the appropriate classroom. Your child will be given a name tag with a number on it and you will be given a guardian tag with the corresponding number.  When you pick up your child, you will be asked to present your guardian tag before we release your child.

Note: Please help us by informing Climbing Higher ministry partners of any specific allergy alert or custody issues.

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Thank you for being patient with us as we undergo a construction project. When the project is complete, we will have a brand new, two-story children’s building.

In the meantime, we are getting creative with the provisions God has provided. We are using Stellar Elementary (next door to the church) to hold classes for all of our elementary students and some of our Early Childhood classes as well.

Nursery Care — 9 & 10:45 am Gatherings

Birth–11 months Room 104

Preschool Gatherings at 9 & 10:45 am

1-Year-Olds Room 103
2-Year-Olds Room 102
3-Year-Olds Room 110
Pre-Kinder Stellar Elementary Cafeteria
Kindergarten Stellar Elementary Cafeteria

Elementary Gathering at 9 :00 am

1st Grade Stellar Elementary Gym.
2nd Grade Stellar Elementary Gym
3rd Grade Stellar Elementary Gym
4th–5th Grades Stellar Elementary Teacher’s Lounge

Children’s Church (1st–4th Grades) at 10:45 am

1st–4th Graders Stellar Elementary Gym for large group worship time.

5th Grade Discipleship Gathering at 10:45 am

5th Grade, Girls and Boys Stellar Elementary—Gym for worship, then meet in Stellar Elementary Kiva for class.

Baptism Classes

For children who have received Jesus Christ as their personal savior and are interested in baptism, we offer a baptism class six times per year. We will review salvation and discover the meaning of baptism in our christian life.

Contact Shannon Fields or call 303-457-8560 x307.