Worship and Creative Arts

Worship and Creative Arts

The vision for the Worship and Creative Arts Ministry (WCA) at North Metro Church (NMC) is to have powerful, quality, life-changing worship that stirs the spirit of God’s people to adore Him for who He is, what He has done, and what He will do. It is also our desire to have worship that draws unbelievers to our loving Savior.

We have been blessed with a team of gifted and trained servant-leaders, who desire to continually learn, grow, and develop in their ministry. Our worship leaders feel called by God to this ministry, and strive to live vibrant lives of worship, giving all the glory to Him, and are committed to being used by God to lead our church family in worship.

Primarily we desire that our time of worship will honor, glorify and delight our Lord. Through our worship, we hope also that our church family would sense God’s presence, help prepare us to hear the Word of God, create the desire to know Him more deeply, and love and obey Him more completely.

Ways You Can Participate

The worship and creative arts ministry at North Metro Church is here to encourage individuals to celebrate, remember, hope and applaud the reality of our loving and holy God. We exist to communicate the truth of the gospel with excellence in a celebratory, sensitive, and relevant manner. Bringing the various elements of a gathering together takes many hours per week and the love and dedication of those who serve. That team includes those who mix audio, present video, operate lights, create sets, props, and decorations; those who imagine how a new message series might be presented more effectively; those who are graphic designers, vocalists, and musicians; those who guide and lead.

For this to happen entails first, a humble, teachable, and worshipful heart. We look for that kind of heart not only in those who are on stage and visible, but also in those who work “behind the scenes” in a tech or creative capacity. Worship is not simply about a 30-minute musical stint on Sunday mornings. Worship is how we live out our lives (see Romans 12:1–2). Our desire is to host a time where we all—band, team, and gatherers—can engage in intimate praise and worship of our magnificent God. If we are not ourselves worshipers, how can we lead others?

We Are Currently Accepting Applications

With those qualities in mind, we need people with the following talents or skills to touch the heart of the listener who is seeking God and encourage the followers of Christ.

  • Vocalists
  • Musicians
  • Dramatists
  • Production assistants
  • Design team
  • Video
  • Computer skills, including graphic design
  • Sound and technical team members
  • Artists
  • Photographers

To learn more about these positions and apply, please submit your information using the online form.

WCA Contact Information

James Merkley, Worship Minister