Photo Requirements (click to expand)

We would love to display a photo of your child on the big screens as you bring him or her to the front for the actual dedication. Of course, you are not required to have a photo of your child(ren) on the screens, it is your choice.


To help us prepare your photo for display, please follow these guidelines:

    • photos should be fairly recent, in a digital format (in a *.jpg, or, *.png format)
    • make sure they are clear (having few, if any, scratches, dust spots, etc) and are in focus
    • they are in landscape orientation (long edges at the bottom/top)
    • preferably feature the child by him/herself (siblings also being dedicated, may be in the picture together)
    • have a clear facial view
    • include sufficient surroundings to allow for their and their parent’s name(s) to be added
    • Please – do not crop your photo, we may need more image than you might realize, to produce what is needed
    • Please – do not reduce its file size or resolution – typically a photo, as it comes from the camera, will be about 1MB to 2MB. Maintaining that size will allow us to re-size the photo as needed, without losing clarity (becoming pixelized).

Having said that:

    • if necessary, we can work with photos that do not meet all of the above guidelines
    • we do crop and/or add background or otherwise modify photos, to fit the auditorium screens
    • we may also modify the existing background to remove distractions
    • as a matter of course, we attempt to remove blemishes and red eye
    • You may send more than one photo, however only one photo per child will be used (we will use the one most suited to the layout, quality and resolution we need)

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