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 – Conversations from the book of Acts, on our family of God

We begin a new message series this Sunday, Oct 28th.

Entitled bē …Conversations on our family of God in our new series we will be mainly focusing on the first five chapters of the Acts of the Apostles.

We are going to look at the core foundations of church as a family and this first week we begin with Acts 1:8 and 2 with the foundational need for the presence of the Holy  Spirit and Jesus in church, and our lives…

Church is family. Through thick and thin, good and bad, serving together under Christ to see His Kingdom expand.


When you consider church, what comes to mind?

A social group doing good things for the community? A religious corporation? A library, university or hospital?

How about a family? A real family. People gathered across boundaries seeking something, someone greater than themselves – shared unity, vision, design, heart – learning to live in the fullness of the power of Christ and sharing this with others…

A place to bē. To believe, belong, become, be in, be gone and be glad.

Join us for conversations from the Book of Acts on our family of God. Welcome to the family.

Weekly Titles:

October 28 Be·lieve
November 4 Be·come
November 11 Be·long
November 18 Be·gone
November 25 Be·glad