Discovery Luncheon

Discovery Lunch

What is a “Discovery Lunch”?

It is an opportunity for those who are interested in knowing more about NMC to meet the church Leadership Team and hear more about our purpose, vision, beliefs, ministries, missions and more.

Who is the “Leadership Team”?

The elders (including our lead pastor, James Wagstaff), the deacons, and staff ministers.

Do I have to commit to membership in order to attend?

Absolutely not. The lunch is a very informal way of us getting to know you and you getting to know us. There is a time during the presentation to ask questions but no one is put on the spot. We do share what we believe about membership and there is an opportunity to start that process should anyone desire to do so.

How often is it held, and are there any fees?

Six times a year, about every eight weeks or so. There is no charge. The luncheon starts right after the second service in the Cafe area. The dates are published in our Sunday bulletin, on our web site, and announced on Sunday mornings.

May children attend?

Yes. Families may eat lunch together and then childcare and activities are provided for birth through sixth grade.

How long is the luncheon?

We try to start no later than 12:30 and end by 2 p.m.

Adult Study Groups

Adult Study Groups

Who can attend?

We have classes for men, women, and co-eds. Sometimes the co-ed class is designated “couples” if the subject matter is focused on marriage.

How long are the classes?

Depending on subject matter, usually 4 to 6 weeks. They normally are 70 minutes. Evening class may go a little longer.

Is there a charge to attend?

No, but there is a charge for any curriculum that may be required. Usually not more than $15, and scholarships are provided.

What topics are covered and how are they decided?

A variety of topics and books of the Bible are offered. The Associate Pastor and the Men’s & Women’s ministry leaders receive suggestions from students and other church leadership and pray about what should be offered.

Who teaches the classes?

Usually Elders, Staff Ministers, or Leaders in the Men’s & Women’s ministries. All teachers are required to be members of NMC and be in agreement with the NMC essential doctrines. From time to time there may be a guest teacher.

How do these groups differ from a Discovery Class?

We recommend that everyone attend our four-week Discovery Class prior to attending adult study groups. Discovery Classes are offered on Sundays at 10:45 in Room 110. Check the church bulletin or online calendar for start dates.

Discovery Classes cover what the Bible has to say about the foundational truths of being a Christian. They also cover the NMC purpose statement, our core values and essential beliefs, and information on how to become a Christian and/or member of NMC.

How do these groups differ from Life Groups?

Life Groups are designed to develop genuine and long-lasting relationships and to “Life Out” our purpose statement: “A community of believers committed to worshiping God as we love, grow, serve, and reach others.” Bible study is an important priority in a Life Group, but Life Groups also participate as a group in serving and reaching out to others. From time to time, members of Life Groups will attend an Adult Study Group based on the individual’s need/desire to study the specific topic/book being offered.

What if my schedule will not permit me to attend an Adult Study Group?

Just meet with our Associate Pastor, Danny Bote. We look at other options and try to tailor an “in home” study and/or a “one-on-one” opportunity to meet your needs.

May I attend a class already in session?

Yes, you are always welcome, but you may want to check with the teacher first.

Is childcare provided?

Yes, for the Sunday morning classes. Not in every case for the evening classes. There is a modest fee. Check with the teacher before signing up for the class.

Discovery Classes

Discovery Class

What are Discovery Classes?

These classes discuss what the Bible says about the foundational truths of being a Christian. They also cover, essential doctrines, the purpose statement of NMC, including our core values and beliefs, and how to become a Christian and/or member of NMC.

Who should attend Discovery Classes?

There really is no limitation. Anyone interested in knowing more about Christ, NMC, getting connected, or becoming a member is encouraged to attend.  Mature Christians and long-term members of NMC will benefit as well. The classes are designed for adults, but mature high school students may attend.

What is covered in the class?

The content is covered in the context of our church purpose statement: “A community of believers committed to worshipping God as we love, grow, serve, and reach others.” The topics covered are community and worship, spiritual growth, and serving and reaching out to others.

Is there any cost or pre-class preparation?

There is no charge. There is no preparation for the first class, but there will be modest homework assignments. Bring your Bible, but almost all of the scriptures used will be printed in the student handouts. If you do not have a Bible, we will give you one as a gift.

Who teaches the classes?

The Elders of NMC. Attending the classes is a great way to get to meet a number of those serving in leadership at NMC.

How many classes are there and when are they held?

The classes occur over four consecutive weeks, with sessions offered at 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. on Sundays.  They are normally offered six times a year. See our website, weekly bulletin, or welcome center for dates and class location info.

Life/Affinity Groups

Life/Affinity Groups

What is a Life Group?

A traditional Life Group is normally made up of people who come from a similar demographic, marital status or age background (e.g. “young married couples with children”, “single dads”, “50+ senior adults”). Participants value building long term friendships, studying and growing in God’s Word together, ministering to one another, meeting needs, and serving NMC and the community as a team. In essence they desire to do life together.

I have heard the term “Affinity” Group. Is that a Life Group also?

Yes. Affinity Groups are relatively new to NMC. They are another type of Life Group. Unlike the traditional Life Group, Affinity Groups tend to form around specific interests (e.g. motorcycle riders, landscaping, sports, auto mechanics, quilting, etc.).

I have also heard terms like, cell group, home group, small group, etc.. Are these groups similar to NMC Life Groups?

Yes. Most Christ-centered churches believe in providing opportunties for attenders to connect and experience the “one anothers” (love one another, pray for one another , bear one anothers burdens, etc.) of Scripture, and do this in a setting and time other than Sunday morning. Group names, approach and activities may vary, but the heart of these groups is making people feel welcome and valued and give them a place to grow in relationship with Christ and each other.

What are the major differences between a Life Group and an Affinity Group?

Traditional Life Groups tend to be composed of participants from similar life stage and demographics. They will usually meet weekly. Meetings will routinely have a Bible study. The group participants will normally stay together for a number of years.
Affinity Groups may be composed of participants from a variety of demographic backgrounds. Meetings may be monthly or seasonal. There may not be a formal Bible study, but there will be prayer and devotionals. Participants may come for a short time based on the focus of the interest (e.g. sports).

Why does NMC use the term “Life” Groups?

We believe the term best expresses God’s desire and our passion for life change or transformation in the life of every believer (Romans 12:2, 8:29). Transformation or life change may occur in many ways. Participation in Life Groups has proven to be one of the significant ways God brings about Christ like changes in believers.

Do you have to be a church member to join a Life/Affinity Group?

While we value church membership, there is no requirement to be a member. You will not be pressured to join NMC. Our groups and church are safe places. Confidences are kept and we trust the Holy Spirit to reveal any “next steps” to you.

Who leads Life/Affinity Groups?

Groups are led by lay leaders who are members of NMC. Leaders will have attended our Foundations Class and are in agreement with the essential doctrines of NMC (found on our web site: www.northmetrochurch.org. See ‘What We Believe’ under ‘Come Meet North Metro’). They will come from a variety of backgrounds and spiritual gifts.

All will have a heart for people.

Where and when do groups meet?

Life Groups normally meet weekly, in homes, in the evening. Affinity Groups will have a variety of locations, venues, and meeting times, depending on the affinity/interest of the group.

May I participate in a Life Group and an Affinity Group?

Yes. Just prayerfully consider your commitments and speak to both leaders in advance of joining.

Is child care provided for group meetings?

Normally it is not. Special situations can be coordinated through the church.

How do I find out more about Life/Affinity groups and get connected?

Just complete a “Life/Affinity Group” Interest card, found at the Welcome Center in the foyer or contact our Associate Pastor, Danny Bote,
303-457-8560, ext 304.

Note: We are experiencing wonderful numerical growth and our new Affinity Groups are forming almost weekly. Therefore we are not currently publishing lists of groups but we will give priority to your requests and options for connecting.

Additional FAQs are in production and will be posted as they become available. If you have pressing questions, contact our Associate Pastor, Danny Bote, [email protected].